I got a call today. The university I am studying with are a little worried about the work load I have taken on. Understandably so I would imagine. Most people do not take on an approximate 40 hour study week while having a 40 hour work week. But I’m not most people.

The next phase of life will require planning. I’ve already put things in place and started a process. Some weeks may be a little tougher but at present it’s not like I’m overrun with things to do. I have two standing commitments. Everything else is flexible.

Which leads me to the rest of what is in my head. I love to plan. I seldom go anywhere or do anything without a plan in place. It’s just who I am and it drives most people around me crazy. Of course the last week has proved that plans can be thrown out doors, windows or any open aperture. 

This in turn circles around to me being kind to myself. Instead of beating myself up because things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, I’m learning to let them happen. Trust me that was easy easier to type than to actually live through! 

A really good example is that we’re away for the weekend. I’ve brought along my camera. It’s died. As in totally dead. The battery was charged a couple of weeks ago, so I’m hoping it’s just a dud battery (being 5 years old) and not the camera. I simply packed the camera away and made do with my phone. In so doing. I think I’ve taken one of the best photos I’ve ever done to date. (See, I am looking for the positive)

I planned one way and had to change track. Not simple. I like sticking to a course of action. It gives me stability and peace of mind. Things which at present I really count on. Yet change brings excitement and the ability to see and do new things and the unexpected. I am looking for those things too.  There is a lot of positive to be gleaned from those experiences. 

It is interesting to see how I’m effecting change in my life. One small step at a time. Little things that have a profound impact on me and the way I view things. I’m glad I started taking these steps to thrive instead of just survive. 


7 thoughts on “Planning”

  1. I am also the kind of person that would sign up for a 40 hour study week and while working 40 hours a week. I’ve been living a similar life for years. I always take more school work than other people, work longer hours and I’ve been known to have 4 jobs at the same time. Organization is key. We can do it if we use our time wisely.


    1. I agree, it looks ludicrous to others and yet I cannot seem to function without it. My life does not seem to work particularly well unless it is overflowing and then there are days when things just have to come to a complete stop. That all or nothing mentality. I am glad I am not the only one!

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  2. Certainly not. I also don’t feel complete unless I’m the busiest person in the room, and drowning in work, preferably from different projects. Do you think we have problems? lol


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