Bits and bobs

It has been a strange couple of weeks. I have bounced between just wanting to die to extreme euphoria. My emotions, read hormones, have been so off centre that I have been unable to catch a breath. On top of this we have been attempting to expand our network. We are poly, for the new […]


How easy is it to misunderstand someone’s meanings and intentions? To flavour those interactions with your own anxiety and disappointment memories? We’ve had a few of those moments over the last week. Enough to cause, at least in my head, anguish. My heart hurts and my head runs through scenarios at a rate of knots. […]

Empty nest

I have written about this before (and I am too lazy to go find it) but some days are harder than others. My kids are mid-twenties now. That old adage of enjoy them while you have them is most certainly true. Before you can blink they are out in the world finding their own way. […]

Permission to be happy

I’m battling. Every day finds me in tears. Not the pretty kind either. Every thing is almost perfect. The move was relatively easy. We still have some stuff to unpack but most is done. The house looks good. Small things fit into place and my home looks good. I have space of my own. My […]