The Lovers

This is not my usual fare, but has been running around my head a lot - and by that I mean I can't stop the dream, so better to give it a voice. By far not perfect and I will revisit over the coming weeks. It is a little NSFW 😉 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Open your eyes.… Continue reading The Lovers

Monday thoughts

It is one of those days where I have caught up on backlog and I am coasting a little before the next round of activity hits. These are the days where I end up questioning every single decision, thought and word that comes out of me (or at least out of my general direction). Work… Continue reading Monday thoughts

Work and ambition

Does ambition have a place in today's corporate culture? I have been asking myself this question a lot of late. Ambition is not something I lack and if anything, I have it in droves. There is always something more to achieve, another goal, another level. I get bored so easily and without the consistent challenges… Continue reading Work and ambition