Neuroses Undefined

Life is a little like an undefined neurosis.



It feels like I am juggling way too much of late.  Work, relationships, my own health all seem to be these glass balls, and they are precariously close to falling and shattering. Things have been great for a while now.  I have changed the way I think about my finances and as a result, I […]

Daddy’s girl

My father and I were very close as I was growing up.  I remember hours spent in front of the record player listening to music.  My education on bands and lyrics opening my eyes to all that was slipped between the lines.  He helped me through my first period, and gave me much of the […]

Tap out

Ever wanted just to tap out?  Just to say, “that’s it, I’ve seen enough, experienced enough, I’m done.”   I tried that once.  Didn’t stick.   Some days I am thankful that it didn’t and other days I am not.  Today is one of the latter days.  I am tired of everything, just absolutely everything. My words […]

Time flies

I started living a life true to myself 7 years ago.  It took another year to fully embrace it but here I am being true to my own nature. I do not regret the years before that.  They gave me 2 children for whom I have an everlasting love.  I had a young woman’s romance […]

3-word challenge

I followed another blog to this one ( and got my 3-word challenge.  The result is below.   Following people on WordPress creates it’s own adventures and this one was well worth it. Why are some days just harder than others?  Considering life is very much work, eat, sleep with the odd variation, e.g. date, dance […]