Mind dump

You ever get to that point where you have so much crap running around in your head, that you have to just dump it? I am writing regularly-ish at the moment, and still my head is full up. I always thought I was good at communication, or at least clear enough about my intentions and […]

My super-power has asserted itself again

My super-power is anxiety, coupled with panic and paranoia.  Wonderful combination of emotions and thoughts and just stuff.  Meh! I find myself wanting to cower in a corner and hide from the world – instead I am working and not doing a particularly good job.  I want to cry and sob and let it all […]

Tap out

Ever wanted just to tap out?  Just to say, “that’s it, I’ve seen enough, experienced enough, I’m done.”   I tried that once.  Didn’t stick.   Some days I am thankful that it didn’t and other days I am not.  Today is one of the latter days.  I am tired of everything, just absolutely everything. My words […]