Not wanted

How do you cope when you feel not wanted? Me, I completely stop functioning. Can’t eat, sleep and that send my body into this weird pain filled place. It’s not entirely a pity party. I just feel unwanted. There are friends who read this and will feel guilty or say that they have chatted to […]

It’s not easy

When we choose, and note I use the word choose, to live a life that is not the same as our upbringing, that is not the same as what society deems as normal, we choose a path less travelled, actually it is usually all new territory. It is not easy when you do not have […]

Sleep deprivation

I did this last weekend …. We got a gorgeous, playful and full of character Jack Russell who we have called Sherlock. He is a genuine character and full of love and mischief. He is around 8 weeks old and like any child, needs attention, correction and plenty of help. The first night was hard, […]