Saturday musings

R is off for a weekend getaway with his gf and I am at home with the two pups and my head. I sometimes wonder if I should be writing more, but there are days when words simply elude me and thoughts that came at 2am are no more than wisps of fog across my… Continue reading Saturday musings

Woke culture

I am sure you have heard of this by now, and I am just adding my 2 cents worth. Please note that these are my thoughts and opinions, and do please add your 2 cents in the comments. I'll touch on movies mainly as I haven't quite the words for the other items. The latest… Continue reading Woke culture

We all have a little of the Joker

I have watched Tod Phillips' adaption of the Joker a few times now. To state that Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal is disturbing is rather the understatement. The first time I watched the movie, I was horrified. How graphic, how intense and how evil is this Joker? Phoenix is quoted as saying:“There’s so many different ways of… Continue reading We all have a little of the Joker