Preparation, realisation and acceptance

The last few months have been a blur of work. Not so much activity in respect of doing a bunch of things, but just work. It feels like I am breathing, eating and sleeping work. Then I went and lined up 5 days of training over 6. There is a lot of preparation to do… Continue reading Preparation, realisation and acceptance


Understand me… but you will probably be more confused!

Stole this idea from here ... Instead of doing a comment, I thought I would just run with the blog. The original is a missive from Jessica at “Branches” entitled “Five Things You Should Read/Watch/Listen To If You Want to Understand Me”. (Limit yourself to five books, movies, or songs that define and/or formed you. This is… Continue reading Understand me… but you will probably be more confused!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I was called "attractive", "sexy" and "hot" last night. Took me completely by surprise and the little cynical voice inside me went "he's just after one thing, it's not genuine". I wonder how many of us have that self same conversation when we are complimented? I have had a few backhand compliments of late as… Continue reading Beauty is in the eye of the beholder