To FB or not to FB?

Facebook is getting a grilling in the media at present.  Shares are all over the place and opinions just as much.  Added to the mix is dear old Zuckerberg’s quiet admission that soon you may have to pay for it.

One of his comments that stuck was that we signed up to allowing others to access our data.  It is a very true fact – no one bothered to read the fine print and now we all want to be outraged that our data is out there.  Duh!

The question is do we FB or not?  I am still undecided.  I have friends that I would not be able to stay in contact with without FB.  Yet, I am reluctant now to upload anything as I do not want my data more compromised than it needs to be.  I read all the fine print and if there is even the slightest doubt, I just don’t.

There is so much data out there on me anyway, plugging the FB hole merely shows the other leaks.  Competitions, surveys, dating sites, website cookies – it’s all there for anyone to mine.  The internet is an important tool in finding deals, staying in touch and general day to day life.  We do not have the control we think we have.

I still wonder though if it would be a bad idea to go back to writing letters, calling people and actually going around to visit.  Surely that is healthier than the, sometimes, inane attachments we currently form?  It would deepen connections and restore relationships and maybe, just maybe we could find the peace that we seek?

So to FB or not?  Your thoughts welcome.

And for irony, this post will be shared on FB.


2 thoughts on “To FB or not to FB?”

  1. Unless you become a “non-internet, non-mobile” user, there really isn’t much you can do to escape from having your data sucked up. Like a rampaging hoover let loose on dustball city, the internet gathers it, churns it, and spits it out in microscopic flecks all over cyberspace.
    So, be sensible about what you upload about yourself – don’t answer inane questionnaires, don’t click links, don’t midlessly share “chain” posts, etc, etc, etc. Be a little paranoid. Know that someone IS always watching.
    Or you can go live in an internet dead zone somewhere – ’cause time isn’t going to roll back to pre-internet days unfortunately, it’s just goin gto get more invasive.


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