3-word challenge

I followed another blog to this one (https://brianlageose.blog/2018/03/23/writer-to-writer-the-3-word-challenge-2/) and got my 3-word challenge.  The result is below.  

Following people on WordPress creates it’s own adventures and this one was well worth it.

Why are some days just harder than others?  Considering life is very much work, eat, sleep with the odd variation, e.g. date, dance or outing, there should be some reliability in waking up with the same attitude and compulsion to face the day.

Obviously reliability is overrated, as is the damn call I just got from Telstra.

Telstra – we can lower your monthly charge.

Me – go ahead and do it, you really don’t need my details to do so

Telstra – no we need that, yada yada yada ….

Me – fine do it if it will save me $100 per month

Telstra – please hold 2 minutes

Me – *rolls eyes and waits*

Telstra – starts yammering and then “if you cancel early…”

Me – WAIT!  Hold on! Is this a contract??

Telstra – yes, and it will save you money

Me – no thanks.  We are pay as you go and quite happy, and you never mentioned contract at the start of this call.

Telstra – but, but

Me – *hangs up*

Yep, no fucking reliability.  Unless you count reliability to be the fact that they will truly screw with you, given a microcosm of a chance.

Now where was I?  Oh yeah.  My start to the day.

The lack of compulsion today could be related to the fact that I had a weekend full of new things.  Dates and dancing, along with some time on the beach.  A weekend full of NEW.  So why the hell would I want to behave in the same manner as I do each and every morning?

Dancing proved to me just how weak and inflexible I am.  The instructor is strong in ways I just cannot describe.  Her muscle control makes me look like a tub of jelly having a serious case of the wobbles.  Belly dancing takes on a whole new meaning!  😉

The dates were cool.  The age difference very apparent in the men I spent time with, and a definite realisation that age does not equal maturity.  Conversations that ranged from AI, creating a reality and taking over the world, to an understanding that sometimes you just want to sit in front of the TV because everything else is too hard.

Backhanded compliments that went something along the lines of “you’re very mature for your age”; that make me shake my head as the person delivering it just has no clue.  It truly is a diverse little world!   I am also reminded that I need to stress less.  We are who we are, all little atoms that bump together in this strange world.  Without the diversity and lack of maturity across ALL ages, it would be boring.  I can see that going with the flow will make me strong in the long run, even if it is a little tedious now.

All in all a weekend that made me think, relax and ended up making this morning bloody hard!  No compulsion to get on with a working day, I would rather be out there enjoying the gorgeous autumn day.

Ah but back we go …




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