365 little moments for a big 2017

I wanted to try something different, a work in progress if you like.  A sentence a day (at the end of my day) for each day of the year that is 2017.  Some days may have more than one sentence, which may evolve into blogs of their own but the aim is to try and have a sentence for each day.

I want to look back and see how the little moments have made my life big.

You’ll see that this is suddenly truncated … the daily posts are here (https://threehundredsixtyfivemoments.wordpress.com/) so that this does not become too epic!!

I will do a monthly wrap up here to keep this blog still relevant and up to date though.

JANUARY 2017: It has been a BIG month.  Good time spent with those I love, am getting to know and love and those I just enjoy spending time with.  R1 and I have spent some quality time together working on our relationship and just being with each other.  We have had the odd rough moment but have found a way through.  R2 and I have learned a little more about each other and grown a little closer.  J is new and a treasure.  I am enjoying the pleasure of the relationship and where it is leading.  Sights and sounds were plentiful this month with trips to my favourite bookstore, The Grumpy Swimmer, the gorgeous woodlands retreat with R2 and capping off the month with a date with R1 at The Rooftop Cinema.  Bad days for sure in this month, but it was a good month.  A solid start to my desire to be positive and seek that which is good for me.  I may be looking into a bit of a hole as the month closed off but I know there is light and I will stay positive.  Every day is a new start.

FEBRUARY 2017: Where did February go?  I know it is a shorter month, but gee that went by fast!  This month saw R1’s bike get stolen and then recovered albeit a totally different colour and totally wrecked!  I started belly dancing at the Jalwa Dance Company and I am loving it 🙂  It is amazing exercise, deceptive and just pure fun.  I am using muscles I did not know existed.  R1 and I went to Echuca and Moama (which are literally across the Murray river from each other) and spent the weekend at the Riverboats Music Festival, and exploring a little of the countryside.  The very next weekend R1, on the fly and totally catching me by surprise, decided to volunteer for the Australian Superbike Championship at Phillip Island.  It was the youngest’s 20th birthday on the Saturday ~ and that too is worthy of mention here, we went to PappaRich, amazing food and atmosphere!  So I joined R1 on the Sunday at the ASBK.  Sunburnt, loud bikes and awesome people.  All round a spectacular weekend.  J and I have gotten even closer which is lovely considering we do not get much time together.  The relationship is so much more than I could have hoped for.  And I have a visitor for a few months … there is a new crinkle.  Also decided not to go ahead with some long term plans and this has alleviated some of my anxiety levels.  February has been a jam packed month full of adventure and fun.  A little tight at the end of it, but that is the way things go.  Positive thoughts and outlook go a long way in making the days bright.

MARCH 2017: A quiet month was March.  Yet as I reflect on the month that was, it was fraught with emotion and bad habits.  I have taken quite a few steps backwards rather than forwards this month.  Ms20 has made some excellent progress forward herself – a battle won, a war to be fought.  I am proud of the way she is pushing forward one step at a time.  R1 replaced his bike with a 4×4 so now we can go camping a little more often.  It is a far cry from going bike riding together, but this is a new chapter.  Mum had a birthday and I sent her a smoothie maker – she is showing off to everyone.  A lot of reflection for me.  It’s time to pick myself up and go back to finding the positive in every day and moment.

APRIL 2017: A busy month: a trip to NZ, a double dance class and an exploration of my city.  The trip to NZ was filled with highlights – Rotorua and the geothermal sights especially Lake Taupo and Lake Rotorua, as well as Te Puia and Pohutu Geyser.  Rainbow Springs is a must for the kids – old and young alike.  Then there was the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa – simply amazing.   Of course how can I forget the stunning landscape and sheer size of the windmills at Te Apiti Wind Farm?  I tell you NZ is amazing.  The highlight of the trip though, simply had to be Hobbiton.  There is nothing quite like it.  The staff are well versed, the site is well maintained and you feel as though you have stepped into another world.  You literally are waiting for a hobbit to poke his/her head out of the door!  I am now doing a double class in dancing and loving every minute.  The possibility to do more is out there and I cannot wait.  Dance is certainly opening new doors for me.  The second-to-last-day of the month had me wandering around Melbourne taking 9 photos in 9 hours.  My feet were shot after but I got to see a whole new side of this city I live in.

May 2017: Hard to do this in retrospect (almost at the end of June!)  It was a good month, I watched my son play hockey, have two new bookkeeping clients, attended a crop day and said goodbye to two colleagues.  Also spent time at the doctor’s trying to figure out this darn dizzy issue!  Met up with a very old contact, D, and exploring what that has to offer.  Overall a good month in retrospect.

June 2017: Hmm, a quiet month.  Ms20 got a job interview x2 and got the job!  Said farewell to two colleagues.  The highlight of the month was attending the Wallace and Gromit exhibition at ACMI.  The attention to detail is absolutely amazing.  Went with J and his partner K.  Of course once home I had to watch The Pirates.

July 2017: Medical tests 😦  My life seems to be full of them this month.  I bought a typewriter – blow me over!!  It is a beauty and it was a bargain.  The ribbons are still available and I need to clean it to use it.  R2 had surgery on the 31st.

August 2017: Getting more involved in KB.  It may be that this is where my future lies – not sure yet.  More tests 😦 A day spent cropping with other crafters and made a new friend.  R1 went off to Dubbo to care for his mom.


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    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s something I see all around, but 5 years is a little ambitious at this point in time. One year, or 365 days, feels more attainable, and sustainable.

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