So I wrote this on FB…

I had a little moment on FB today, and wrote the following piece.  I felt it good enough to share here.

I have lots of friends on here. I see things in my feed that inspire me, upset me, anger me and usually illicit some reaction. All of this is good. I may be lousy at social interactions (face-to-face) but at least here I get to interact on a level.

I don’t care who you say are, where you are from, what you do for a living, or any of that because I do not walk in your shoes. Your path is yours and you are doing the best you can faced with the choices that are unique to you and your situation. No matter how similar our choices, they are still different because we as people are. Your actions based on your choices are what counts.

I am over one thing though. I am over the pointed fingers, the blame, the accusations, the pettiness of people. I distance myself from that because it physically affects me. If you don’t have the guts to say something to someone’s face then keep it the hell off social media. You have dirty laundry? Please don’t air it here.

It’s cowardly to speak behind someone’s back. It’s disgraceful that people will denigrate each other and their choices (and we have lots of choices: work, family, religion, etc.) just to make themselves appear better.

Unless you have walked someone’s path, have made the same decisions that they have made based on the choices available at the time, and unless you are privy to every insecurity, every fear, every single emotion and choice – you have no manner of understanding what it is they are living. Unless you can live with the same pain that they are – you have no right to point any sort of finger.

Your finger pointing may be the last straw in a pain filled life. The one that finally tips the balance to saying “Fuck it all, I can’t handle the pain, death is easier”. I’ve been there, and some days I am back there. It sucks.

Every story has 3 sides. Theirs, yours and then somewhere in the middle is the truth. That always needs to be remembered. Trying to make yourself look like the better person doesn’t work in the long run. This probably reads as sanctimonious. That’s not my intention. I am just over all the snideness, pettiness and general finger pointing. Either you agree to listen to their side without prejudice or you shut up.

Basically – if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.


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