Just when

Just when I think I have all the bases covered, it all goes to hell. Well not literally but close enough to stress me out. I am currently travelling and in true style, worked on the day I arrived. Which means I am up at sparrow's because enough sleep yells my body. I have a… Continue reading Just when

Step to the left, step to the right and salsa!

Immediate disclaimer, I have never salsa'd in my life! I am reminded again why I do this - pour my heart and soul out on a screen page available for all the world to see and cast judgement on. I am having a dance with myself and letting you the reader watch. We all have… Continue reading Step to the left, step to the right and salsa!

Depression … mental illness … suicide

In an enlightened (!) world these topics are still heavily debated and yet kept in the dark. It amazes me. If you are mentally ill or depressed or anxious or anything then you are stigmatised and pushed aside. Cynically, it has become a "go-to" fall back when we can't describe the feelings inside us.