When standards change

It's Fairytale Friday folks and in this edition we find our intrepid young woman in a new world. It is by no means a perfect world. There are still wars, famine, climate issues and the myriad of things that affect one as we live on a global stage. Once we invited the world in via… Continue reading When standards change


It comes for all of us one way or another.  And it is a bitch. I can handle getting older and to some extent I can cope with the idea that parts of my body are now shutting down.  But fuck me! Did it have to come with all this other crap too?  Seriously?! The… Continue reading Menopause

#metoo, #generalstateofaffairs, #hashtag!

Hashtags, love them, hate them, feel generally ambivalent.  Personally, I just find it another way for people to distance themselves while appearing to be a part of something.  It's great having this social voice, but for most of us, that is all it is.  An imprint on the internet and no actual involvement.  When push… Continue reading #metoo, #generalstateofaffairs, #hashtag!