Watching the world implode

I am ignoring the fiasco that is playing out on my social media... there is only so much election frenzy I can handle and America you have delivered and continue to do so. Please slow down and let things unfold as they should. I try not be political, but seriously you cannot want him back… Continue reading Watching the world implode

I’m so done

Really, truly, honestly. I am beyond tired, and this is just exacerbating all my negative emotions. It's fairy tale Friday and right now the only fairy tale I want looks something like this: A good nights sleep and wake up naturally without the scream of the alarm in my ear. That scream that jolts me… Continue reading I’m so done

Anniversaries, life and mistakes

WordPress informs me that I have been using this platform for 4 years. This is in various disguises and under various nom-de-plumes. This particular guise seems to sit better than those before, so there is a good chance of another 4 years in the making 🙂 What makes this guise better? Well for one, I… Continue reading Anniversaries, life and mistakes