When standards change

It’s Fairytale Friday folks and in this edition we find our intrepid young woman in a new world.

It is by no means a perfect world. There are still wars, famine, climate issues and the myriad of things that affect one as we live on a global stage. Once we invited the world in via technology, we had to assume that we would then be party to all the bullshit that is in said world. We cannot claim ignorance now.

The most striking difference in this world that our intrepid and independent woman finds herself in, is that there are no double standards.

She is no longer judged on her relationship status – does she have one? Is it the right one? Is he wealthy enough? When it falls apart – as so many do – it is not a reflection of her character or her ability to do her work. It is merely just a relationship that no longer worked for either party and they move on.

Her lack of children or her abundance of children is not cause for comment. She is not treated any differently for making a choice as to what suits her. If she chooses no children, the world carries on, and if she chooses one or multiple the same happens! The world accepts that she is aware of her responsibilities and will do the best she can.

This world does not care if she is blonde, brown or neon green with pink spots. Tattoos, piercings and modifications are not an indication of her intelligence or her abilities. They are merely adornments for which she has paid out of her own money, and enhance her features. Businesses do not look at her and decide she is untrustworthy, they evaluate her work ethic and her output.

Physical appearance is not important in this world. If she wears the same outfit each day to work, that is not cause for alarm. If her car is not the newest on the block, that is no reason to get involved in her finances. Her character is of more importance. Does she do what she says she will? Is she a woman of her word?

In this world, a woman is just that, a woman. Just as a man is a man. Both have the ability to get on and make the decisions and choices that are right for them, to work in the areas that give them most joy and energy and to contribute to society that is beneficial for all parties.

Now, let’s not be facetious because we know in every bunch of apples are some worms. This is not a perfect world. It is a world where people live and are accepted. Where no one is judged based on whether they have a penis or not. Where your worth is not dictated on what you can earn, your child bearing ability, your physical appearance or even what your relationship status is.

This little rant is due to the increasing number of newspaper articles around women who have had relationships end, or comments on their appearance, or whether or not they are too old / young / whatever to have kids, or why they are not having kids. I wish for this world for my daughter and for my son. Both deserve a world where your worth is dictated by what you bring to the table.


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