What women wear

I read the news today and it was filled with stuff about what women wear.  Here are some links … The Emmys, Kim K, Sarah Hyland etc. etc. etc., and I am sure you can find plenty more.  I am guilty of looking for sure (since I found the links).  There is no defence as I have looked.  The outfit that everyone is madly debating for Sarah Hyland I quite like and could pull off and this is why I look – because I find elements to complement my own style.  I couldn’t wear what some of the women wear, but I can incorporate elements.

The same way I pay attention to women on the street, in my office, in my building.  I look at styles.  No judgement, no critique.  I am looking at colour, at style and the way she wears it.  Maybe it will give me an idea to update my wardrobe or change an outfit.  No more, no less.  I admire women for the way they manage to pull off styles I would never be able to do with my figure and I know there are women who would love to have my curves.  So we all have bits we like and don’t like.

But here’s what this blog is about.  When are we going to stop making what women wear front page news?  Is there not enough news that it has to be reported that a Kardashian decided to bare a nipple (again!)?  Or one of the multitude of TV actresses wore something different to an awards show?  Why is it such a newsworthy thing?

I can think of so much more to report on.  There are wars on the go, refugees that need safe harbour, antiquities that are being brought to light, scientific discoveries, young people making amazing differences in their communities, volunteers giving time to causes that get no publicity, and the list goes on.  There is so much more to report on then what a woman is wearing and whether or not she has gained weight, lost weight or is pregnant, what her relationship status is and what her partner is doing behind her back.

Women are more than just the vessel that everyone sees.  Somehow though still measured on it.  I find it hard that in today’s world, you can still be too thin, too fat, too in love, too free, too conservative, too clever, too stupid, too family orientated, too unencumbered, too rich, too poor and all of that at the same time and just for being female.  There seems to be this mould and everyone has a slightly different one and you will never quite fit in.

But back to what women wear.  Here is my take.  My clothes do not define me.  They reflect who I am at a particular point in time.  I have worked hard to get to a point where I dress for myself and not to garner attention for attention’s sake.  I understand why some women do that, I have been there and it is nice to be noticed.  Once you managed to get past it, it is even better.  No judgement though.

The media, in my opinion, have created a monster.  Women should be complimented on their choice and it should be left at that.  It has become this competition to see who can garner the most attention for the most outlandish / risque outfit – and in that case the K family have it down pat and are making a fortune!  Women have become so self-conscious that clothing is a chore instead of a pleasure.  I think that’s a pity.


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