Depression lessons

Here are some of mine, please add yours

  1. There is no “one size fits all”, everyone is different and so is this particular creature
  2. The worst episodes are marked by great productivity
  3. Medication is just a dampener, you still have to deal with the emotion at some point
  4. Medication is not a fix
  5. Neither is a ton of hobbies
  6. Nor therapy or exercise
  7. Even if someone listens, you still have to do this yourself
  8. It is ok to want to end it all, we all have breaking points
  9. Watching murder mysteries or serial killer shows helps 8 (yes its weird)
  10. Finding the positive in just the next minute helps alleviate 8
  11. When you go 3 steps back, try slide 2 to the left and go 1 in front. It’s a lot like dancing
  12. Be honest with yourself, no matter how hard
  13. Make the timeline super short and goals super easy
  14. Find one spot / space and make that your safe place and retreat there as often as needed (my shower for me)
  15. Others find it hard to understand when there are no obvious signs, it does not mean they do not care
  16. If you SO is confused it is because they are trying to remember if they did something to trigger a crying fest, not because they want to invalidate you!
  17. It is ok, even though it is super hard, to reach out for help or a cuddle or just a distraction
  18. You are loved, no matter what your head says.


1 thought on “Depression lessons”

  1. 19. Making lists about what one has learned is always very therapeutic.

    20. Reading lists that others have written can be equally so, and often leads to nodding your head in agreement and wanting to high-five the reader.

    21. Cheers from Up Under.

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