Definite sign I am heading for 50

I don’t mind being in my 40s. This decade has gotten rid of some of my angst and desire to please. I am becoming more vocal on what makes me happy and fuck the rest.

But today I realise that I am well on my way to being 50. That promised decade where you seriously do not give a fuck, where grumpy is the order of the day and you are seriously okay with it all!

The 2020 American presidential vote has proven to be exceptionally eye-opening. The way that this event has divided countries – who play NO part in the process – is astounding. It is now at the point where I see people from South Africa – really how much further politically can you get?!? – weighing in on the debate. It is as if, suddenly, it does not matter what your nationality is, you get to have a say in the American vote.

Today was the last straw. When a person I consider a friend (yes, we do not talk much, and we live in different countries) felt it wise to label Biden a pedophile and then took offense when Trump’s, well documented mind you, rhetoric on grabbing women by the crotch was raised. This person’s feed is littered with support for Trump, and they just ignore the blatant misogyny and lying that is rife in said camp. We are no longer friends. Not because they are Trump supporters but because they refuse to look at all sides and have blinkered off and I don’t have time for that crap.

I have no issue if you voted Trump. Fuck I don’t care if you voted for the goose next door! I prefer Biden because I think that is the best choice for America. But I don’t get to choose. I am not American. I am Australian, I get to choose here. All I can do is hope that each country chooses what is best so we don’t entirely fuck up the global economy. And that kids is why you should vote. If you don’t vote in your country, then you cannot complain about what happens.

While we are on the soapbox … COVID measures are also where stupidity seems to shine. Another old friend has decided that COVID is really just a cover up, and has no intention of ever taking the vaccine. All fair and well, except that their field is childcare. The whining that all people are doing is checking for COVID before allowing any medical attention – well, if a person has been asked to do that many tests in such a short space of time, there MUST be a reason?!?

This person is hating having their freedoms taken away and keeping on a mask, because hey the death rate is sooooo low! Why bother when the flu is deadlier? And we haven’t seen the flu have we??

Well no we haven’t, because everyone is inside doing their best to stay safe. And yes the mortality rate IS low, but the long-term effects are deadly. Your medical insurance will not cover the long-term effects of COVID. Also, we do not live as islands, so your mask wearing is protecting someone else. Fuck it! How hard is it to think of someone besides yourself??? (That is rhetorical kids. I am well aware we are narcissistic, selfish animals).

50, the decade of the rant and soapbox. I’m still a few years off, but it is coming 😉


1 thought on “Definite sign I am heading for 50”

  1. I am with you, on several fronts. First, this piece is excellent, brimming with terrific points, proving that you are preparing yourself quite nicely for the Freedom of the Fifties. (I’m halfway through them, and the rumors are true.) Second, I couldn’t agree more about the hypocrisy and vindictiveness of the Trumpers. (They clearly live in their own, self-involved world.) Third, the negligent way in which so many folks are reacting to a COVID world is maddening. I’m firmly in the camp that if someone cannot behave in a medically and ethically responsible manner in public, then one should be fined and/or mandated to remain in their homes. Sure, you have rights. But you do not have the right to jeopardize the lives of those around you.

    Welcome to The Club. Well, almost. I realize you are still in the training phase, but you’ll get there! 😉

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