Academia, work and random thoughts

I am studying <big pause> again. I am sure I have mentioned this somewhere before. So my biggest issue with academia is the amount of waffling required for a simple assignment.
University: Describe your company, define X role, define the legislative risk / gap / priority and create a business case
Me: So you want a business case for our top gap / risk / priority and an understanding of the relevant legislation
University: No, we want the legislative risk / gap / priority
Me: But there is no legislation for my current priority, just the general stuff
University: Well it’s not about the legislation, it’s your understanding and ensuring you keep that in the forefront and show how you are doing better / not contravening legislation when doing your recommendations
Me: arghhhhhhh

I have also agreed, although I am not sure how, to start the process for a white paper for a course my company is doing with the local universities. I am not technical in any manner or form, but I am going to do the bulk of the work on this white paper. Another 3-6 months of academic writing – with plenty of input from other staff – on my plate. At least that is restricted to around 6 pages of work.

It is planning season at work. I find that the days are melting one into the other, and with study a priority as well, I am exhausted at the end of each day. The days start early and end late and my hobbies are going to be non-existent for the next 2 weeks, and Dec is a write off as I know I have lots to get done there. Oh and I still haven’t found my ghosted Christmas vendor for work …

But my soapbox issue for the day is insurance companies. It literally is giving money for nothing – you are investing in the hope that should something happen, you will be covered. You never are fully covered, and 99% of the time nothing happens, so you are essentially paying someone else’s 1%. But besides that, if you don’t call up every year, and change provider every year, you are screwed for more fees. Those companies make up for the discounted fees in year 2 with a vengeance. And don’t try change anything, as one hand never knows what the other is doing and can’t do diddly in another’s department – same company, can’t do a simple name adjustment.

And just to add to my woes … it is NOVEMBER. Do we get that?!!? It’s NOVEMBER. And Christmas music way better suited to the Northern Hemisphere is resounding in my ears every time I dare go near a retail facility. We live in Australia ~ the closest we get to snow at Christmas is a hailstorm. We don’t have reindeer, or snow, or fires (unless it’s a BBQ or a summer fire and then all bets are off), or anything remotely resembling a white yuletide. Seriously Southern Hemisphere ~ let’s start our own Christmas traditions.

Cause Santa is doing more of this down South 🙂

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