Definite sign I am heading for 50

I don't mind being in my 40s. This decade has gotten rid of some of my angst and desire to please. I am becoming more vocal on what makes me happy and fuck the rest. But today I realise that I am well on my way to being 50. That promised decade where you seriously… Continue reading Definite sign I am heading for 50

Watching the world implode

I am ignoring the fiasco that is playing out on my social media... there is only so much election frenzy I can handle and America you have delivered and continue to do so. Please slow down and let things unfold as they should. I try not be political, but seriously you cannot want him back… Continue reading Watching the world implode

Work and ambition

Does ambition have a place in today's corporate culture? I have been asking myself this question a lot of late. Ambition is not something I lack and if anything, I have it in droves. There is always something more to achieve, another goal, another level. I get bored so easily and without the consistent challenges… Continue reading Work and ambition