Watching the world implode

I am ignoring the fiasco that is playing out on my social media… there is only so much election frenzy I can handle and America you have delivered and continue to do so. Please slow down and let things unfold as they should. I try not be political, but seriously you cannot want him back in the drivers seat for another 4 years? Please, please tell me you are actually paying attention. Please.

The rest of my, very admittedly first world, world feels like it is imploding. I am not sure I can catch all the issues in time, but I will try.

It’s planning season for our company. Yay! 😥 As such, all my careful planning from 2 months ago is sliding into misery. I set things up so that I could be efficient and suddenly I am scrambling for information, scrambling to get spreadsheets done. All of this is happening over month end, and preparing for facilitation with 2 universities, plus all the other year end madness. Oh and did I mention that I have to find out why my corporate Christmas vendor has ghosted me, plus start preparing for financial year end.

My mother’s cousin has passed on, so we are dealing with that fallout. Nothing is worth living for, and everyone is dying and why??? So, I pretend I am an adult and have the discussion on how this all works. And sigh very very deeply.

This is also the time of year that I have to have a range of tests. And every year I am almost certain that all will be okay, but I stress myself sick anyway. I have very high percentages of getting cancer – in a whole bunch of places. Genetically I am predisposed, as well as having a virus for the last 17 years (well that we know of, it’s probably older). So this is test season for me. I get prodded, poked and all in ways that are NOT fun. I know I need to take better care of myself, so there is that concern as well. I do not think I will be able to avoid my doctor for much longer … fucking medication …

This is definitely one of those posts. I was lucky enough to have a week and half leave which ended 2 days ago. I feel like I never left the office. 7 weeks to the next break!

Positive note – I get to see my hairdresser after 4 months! I can’t wait to have the mop sorted out.

Vent done. Now back to work!


2 thoughts on “Watching the world implode”

  1. We are somewhat in the same boat right now. I am stunned that there are so many Americans who still think Trump is the Second Jesus. It’s disgusting. And I have several of “those tests” as well that I really should be scheduling. I’ve managed to put some of them off for now, courtesy of the pandemic (at least in my own justification), but it’s really time to get going. Ugh. Adulting is just way too hard…


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