“The good ole days”

Side note: one of the best parts about this being my blog is that I can change days and ideas as I need to šŸ™‚

On my FB feed, I see a lot of posts that cast back to what people consider the “good ole days”. You know the ones where some image is supposed to evoke a sense of pride and how things were so much better then…

Yet it makes me wonder just how “wonderful” life was back then. If it was at all.

I don’t have good memories, or bad ones either, associated with the 1980’s and 1990’s, or even the 2000’s. To be honest, the number of the year really doesn’t change anything for me except to signal that I am one day older, a day wiser (one would hope) and a day closer to my next goal.

I am left wandering what it is that people are missing? Are they missing the fact that they did not have to make any decisions? As for the most part, these folk were children back then. Are they missing the lack of choices, so it was easy to be happy with less. Or is it just a time when we were not too worried about being pc and causing offence was difficult?

I am the person now I was back then. A few more scars, lines and experiences, but each time I go and look deep inside, I am still that same person. I don’t hanker after my school days, nor the days where my kids were little and around my feet. I don’t long for places, and even people, anymore. I have learned that right here and now is the best time of my life.

I hear folk who stress about turning 20, then 25, then 30, 40 and by the time it gets to 50 most are super stressed. I am enjoying my 40s with the same gusto I enjoyed all the other decades of my life. I certainly do not want to go back to the girl who was in her 20s trying to raise two kids on a tiny salary of one. But at the same time, that girl was having a good time and enjoying her kids, learning to cook on a budget and finding her feet as a woman. I don’t regret her.

I wonder if it is regret that leads us to believe that the past was / is better than our present? Have we lost the ability in the middle of our lives (30s to 50s) to just enjoy now and the benefits we have? The ones we dreamed of back then? If I talk to those in their 60s +, they don’t reminisce like this. They are content with now, live each moment and screw the rest!!!

My thoughtful Thursday question: Is there something you would really want to go back in time for? (without cheating, which means you do not have your current knowledge, wisdom or benefits, just your advanced age).


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