I changed it for today to Moody Mondays. I am sure there is something magical in here somewhere, but for now I am just in a weird place.

My hormones, along with the sugar, are giving me grief. I will go from being completely ok, socialising and generally having a good time, to total panic attacks and unable to even articulate simple things. It gets to the point where I am unable to breathe, let alone think.

I know it is my hormones because yes I am still going through that whole menopause thing. Bloody annoying. Hot flushes etc are a pain in the arse to say the least. I am still not used to being so cold that my fingers and toes are blue and yet the rest of me feels like it’s hot lava.

I am also aware that when my sugar levels are too high, then all sorts of other things go wrong – like being dizzy, tinnitus and lucky for me – anxiety. Weird huh?

So today is a moody Monday. I want my bed, but I do not want to be home. I want to be alone, yet please don’t leave me. I want to talk to everyone, but if you talk to me I’ll bite your head off. Fucking annoying ….


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