What is home?

What is home? Is it a place, a person, a feeling? Is it easily defined? How would you measure home?

We travelled to Tasmania this last week. It was weird as we were out of step, and had to make allowances for our moods and feelings. It was a good trip away though. We saw lots of things and spent time together.

Here is the kicker for me – I am not Australian by birth and there are times when I will refer to my birth country as home, but last night as we drove off the boat and into Melbourne, I felt home. It felt right and comfortable.

Today I am less stressed, even with heaps to do, and I feel at peace in a sense. I am home. In the city that never sleeps, with work aplenty and people wanting attention. Yet I am home, I feel like I can accomplish things and it doesn’t matter how wild it gets – this is right.

So what is home for you?


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