Sleep deprivation

I did this last weekend ….

Butter would not melt

We got a gorgeous, playful and full of character Jack Russell who we have called Sherlock. He is a genuine character and full of love and mischief.

He is around 8 weeks old and like any child, needs attention, correction and plenty of help. The first night was hard, the second a nightmare, the third absolute bliss and nights 4 & 5 have been iffy. Tonight is night 6.

R and I are both sleep deprived and it shows. Our intimacy is almost non-existent, we have barely enough left at the end of the day for just a cuddle, and with my work schedule it makes things harder. Before Sherlock, those long days could be placed aside after some down time, but now we have a puppy who requires attention in the wee hours of the morning and a few more times besides.

We are having to adjust ourselves and our outside relationships to this new dynamic. Sherlock is working out how fitting it our schedule works which is a lot for a little being to take in. He will get there and so will we.

I have moments of WTF have I done! And those are followed by moments of this is just what we needed. It was known that the first 2 weeks would be rough, I had forgotten how rough.

He is a dear little soul, with plenty of love to give. He has his little quirks and once eaten becomes this super charged ball of energy and runs everywhere. Oh and he bounces! It’s so funny.

I wouldn’t change it, but I hope tonight he gives us a little more rest. I can’t resist that face that says “cuddle me mum” ….

Aww cuddle me Mum…


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