A little time apart

So we are having a little break.

Wait! wait! oh ffs! WAIT!!

It’s not like that at all.

We are having a little break because the public transport system is screwy for the next 3 weeks and in order to ensure I stay healthy and stable, I am in the city while Mr is at home.

See 🙂 not so bad now!

It was an interesting evening. We chatted a lot and I watched some movies and played with my crochet. Did a lot of thinking around us and the decisions we have been making. I am content and happy in the choices we have made and those that are being made.

We still have to work out if certain things will work long term for us. Some of our lifestyle choices are very new and understanding the impact is taking a while. I am certain though that we will weather those impacts as they occur.

I have found that the honesty we employ can leave me very vulnerable. Not just to the topic but things in general. Our intention is not to hurt but to ensure that we are comfortable with where we are. It’s a very brutal form of honesty though and in its own way leaves scars.

That is why this small break is important. It won’t change the honesty but it allows us both time to reset and find centre. We have had a lot of changes so I am well aware I need to slow down a fraction.

I miss him though. Terribly. So I am counting the nights until I see him again. I am such a love-struck sap! And I am loving it!! 😉


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