It’s always been official

Just that now it can be public knowledge.

I never thought I would be writing this. So much has led up to this moment, and for every single mountain, molehill and bump in the road I am grateful. Every tear that was shed, every tear in my heart and soul led me to here and now. Every laugh and sunshine day had its part to play as well.

I am getting married. To a man who in equal parts inspires me and frustrates me. This is the second time around for both of us and we want to make sure we get this right.

I know that there are those who will offer congratulations and place a bet on the duration behind my back. I am aware that there will be those who say I have not looked properly and that we are bad for each other.

I see him. All his faults and bad points. I see him. Clearly.

I know that he can be cold, unemotional, logic that borders on the stubborn (ok it goes over a lot), grumpy, opinionated, intolerant of a lot of what goes on around him, quick to rant about the establishment. I also know that he loves deeply, pushes me to never give up, supports me unconditionally and gives me a place to secure myself to.

I am opinionated, emotional (and add menopause to it and it’s a lethal combo), erratic, leap before I think, impulsive, quick to irrational thought and emotion. I too love deeply, support unconditionally and find the balance in my world. I give him a place to feel without fear of reprisal.

I see him and he sees me. There are no rose coloured glasses here. We irritate each other on a daily basis and we love each other even more than that. We talk, as often as required, about those things that bother us – big or small. We delve into our heads and hearts to ensure that we are able to deal with the small bump, rather than the mountain.

We love. Unconditionally.

We do. All those small things that so often get taken for granted. Date nights, week day lunches, a kiss goodbye and a kiss hello. Cuddles on the couch just because. A slow dance in the shower because skin is just so heavenly. The quick text with our own shorthand.

I see him and he sees me, and what could be more loving than that?


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