Deep breath

It feels like last week I was bitching that January was the longest month ever, and here we are in the last week of March. Did I blink wrong? Or was that breath a little too deep?

The first quarter of the year is gone. I am not too sure what I managed to achieve in that time, but my to-do list seems a little longer than usual. My craft list has certainly gotten very long. All those in-process projects sometimes are a little overwhelming, so I start a new one.

The dating scene is looking up, although my elusive GF is still playing hide-and-seek. The man and I are stable and even with all the stresses of blending two lives, we seem to be finding our nirvana well enough. I am content and happy, which alleviates the moments of fear and discontent.

Kids are doing well and settling into their busy routines. It appears that being on their own is what they needed most. Conversations seem to be more normal and less acrimony. The rest of the family – well I am still trying to balance the requirement to stay in touch and just living my own life.

The next few months will be so busy. That deep breath is required on a large level. I have 13 weeks professional development, then a further 16 weeks of tax season before I can say enough and slow down a little. In there is an overseas work trip for a week, a trip to Tasmania, a super special event, a possible trip to Darwin, and right at the end of it is an overseas visitor for a week.

And I couldn’t love that more! Being busy is who I am and it keeps me distracted from a lot of other things. My challenge this year, amidst all of this, is to stay focused on my health. Mental and physical. This is where I dropped the ball last year, and ensuring I have time for myself and my man is of vital importance.

I will be switching off the phone more often and ensuring that I have days off. I will flex my time to keep my energies up and focused. I will be good to myself and listen when my body says enough.

So, deep breath, as we are about to go under.


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