2019 … with a BANG!!

The year is 23 days old and already I feel as though I have accomplished 6 months work.

In 23 days, we have done a ~4,000km round trip to Brisbane via Dubbo and in reverse back to Melbourne, we are moving house ~40km further south and all the hilarity and panic that moving evokes, we have made some big decisions around our future together and merging two lives into one.

I am literally exhausted. My muscles protest at every movement and twinge on their own. My bank account shudders every time I open my wallet. I am on almost first name terms with the good folk at Bunnings – they don’t just sell hardware people, they do a good coffee and pie to sustain you on those long walks up and down aisles while finding what you need. (Only to discover it is the wrong size / shape and you need to get the other one!)

The trip to Brisbane and Dubbo was family oriented which brings its own set of anxieties. It was a good trip and the car did exceptionally well. You can tell a lot about how you will get on with someone by taking a long distance trip in a car. When it is just 2 of you, almost no other input, how you manage that intense time together is a good indication how you will cope going forward. We do okay.

The move is both easy and hard. I have not had a chance to actually say goodbye to my old home. I have had my youngest in there and I have been between homes since December. I am packing up my life from the last 6.5 years and its a little heartbreaking. I sort of wish I had had some alone time to let things go, but it is not to be and I will find a way to work through the emotion.

The move is easy because things are easy to pack. I am managing to get everything into a spot and working from there. We are doing loads of stuff (I have a really small car) and the big stuff is all set for moving this week. By the weekend I will have moved in completely to the new place.

I am overwhelmed by the new place. There is not much there currently, so it feels weird staying there. I am in limbo while I wait to move stuff in completely and I don’t think I will be comfortable until everything is sorted.

I still have to get used to the commute, but that is next week’s problem and probably will warrant its own blog! 23 days into 2019, and it’s been a wild ride. So much for the bang only happening when the ball drops!!


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