Belly laughs and the Big Day Out

There are days when I will look at the screen and just go “bleh”, or some variation thereof.  The to-do list stretches past the available space, the music drones in the ear and all over is the click of the mouse and the tap of the keyboard.  Just not mine.

Yesterday was a Big Day Out, all properly capitalised.  The Museum was listed along with, Sealife and an evening of laugh’s at The Comic’s Lounge.  We made 2 of those, yes I will admit to getting old(er) and not being able to be in 20 places all at once.  I did try though.

Belly laugh #1: I ask my partner in crime (henceforth the PIC) to please check to ensure we know which tram we need after reaching the city. We’re standing in the middle of the station, and I am a little exasperated that it took a minor tantrum to get said PIC to look, only to discover that we should have climbed off the train 3 stops prior.  So off we rush to find a train going back via the route we just came.  The PIC battling to keep up due to the laughter pouring from the belly.  We got on as the doors closed behind us – I am damn sure we lost time due to the laughing.

So deja vu as we go back 3 stops and we get turned around in an underground station finally emerging victorious into autumn sunshine.  Find the tram and hop on, which leads to…

Belly laugh #2: The tram runs in a “free zone” so no need to tap on or off.  However, our stop (only the 3rd one along) is outside this zone.  So I very responsibly place my card on the reader and it gets stuck.  The tears are starting to show on the soon-to-be-ex PIC’s face as they reach over and assist in wrenching my card free of the card eating reader.

I just hang my head, there is nothing I can say or do.

IMAG0365We spent a lovely morning exploring the museum.  The Love and Sorrow exhibition from WW1 was very poignant.  I got some awesome photos of the PIC’s face around the bug display and generally played tourist.   A new book was purchased showcasing some lovely fables written from an Australian perspective.   The Garden of Sorrows (Hughes & Luccio) – seriously recommended.  Along with the book, the ubiquitous fridge magnets made their way into the bag.

So we headed off home to prep for the laughter sure to ensue at the evening’s activities and it led straight into

Belly laugh #3: Climb off the tram at the stop that said it was the station and I head off to cross the road.  PIC calls me back and asks where I am going, and I point down the road to where I know the entrance to the station is, about 400m away.  I get turned around and PIC helpfully points at the entrance that is just behind all of 100m away, and all the while the belly is shaking for there is knowledge that I will hand out bops if I hear a single snigger.

We made it unscathed from further humiliation on my part and went home for a cuppa and relax.  The drive to The Comic’s Lounge was fairly uneventful and we were there in plenty of time for dinner.  With a mystery line-up we were quiet looking forward to a Good Night Out.  Then the doorman gave us our seat and queue

IMAG0371Belly laugh #4: We were seated in the front row, dead centre.  Right then, the screaming, leg-kicking, floor-stomping, hair-pulling tantrums that I remember from my 2-year old’s seem legitimately like a viable option.  Even a justified one.  Long story short – we moved!

A Good Night Out was had.  Lots of laughter, and due to a loss of memory (possibly vodka induced) the most I remember was “we’re not here to fuck a spider” ; “fingering in the back room” ; “I threw up everywhere” and “I grew up with lots of space, plenty of African animals – you can’t beat Werribee!*”.   It has absolutely nothing to do with my gutter inclined brain, or my perceived jealousy at the fingering going on.  😉 🙂

Bed was welcome at pumpkin time thereby avoiding Wicked Witch syndrome.  This is how a public holiday should be spent.

*Werribee is a suburb in Greater Melbourne that has an Open Range Zoo.  The place you go to experience an African adventure.

** there are hyperlinks on the underlined words


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