Staying positive

This must be one of the hardest tasks I have ever set myself.  Finding the light in everything, in every day is monumentally difficult.  The default setting for most of us is pessimistic and to change that requires constant vigilance.

The last two months have been trying on many levels.  Financially things have been difficult and on a health level things have been atrocious.  To cap that all off, it is winter here in the southern hemisphere and cold is not something I deal with exceptionally well.  Hibernation set in and now it is driving me mental!!

How to stay positive when it feels like the world is stacked against you?  When all you see are dark, dreary days that end in nothing?  I feel like I have stagnated and am unable to breathe new life into my everyday.  Finding something positive and good about anything seems to be out of reach.

Yet, in my heart and soul I know that finding that good, finding those little pluses are what makes my world so much better.  When I think back to the first three months of 2017, life was ridiculously good.  I really mean ridiculously good.  I was attracting the kind of people I want in my life, I was finding that life travelled smoothly.  I was genuinely happy.

At the moment I can barely get out of bed in the morning, and just stepping out of the house requires a huge effort.  Life is heavy and difficult and no matter what I do there is always a mess.  There has to be more than this?!

So I need to start again from step 1.  I won’t say step 2 or 3, because somehow I have lost all traction.  If I go back to the basics, a simple “three things I am grateful for” each day I will start finding my ridiculously good life again.  I need to ensure that there is extra vigilance over this task and prioritise it above all else because the benefits are amazing.

Not the easiest of tasks, but one I will again endeavour to tackle head on.


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