Pulling my head in

It’s a phrase I learned when I made the big move over to Australia.  “Pull your head in, mate!”  It simply means that you should mind your own business.

At present I feel like I am fighting an insurmountable battle in one of my fields, I just cannot seem to get ahead.  I have put in long hours of study, and am preparing to embark on more, I have dedicated myself to hours of learning from those around me and I am dedicated.  Yet here I am still seemingly miles behind the pack.  When am I going to reap the rewards for the time and effort I have put in?

I know that I am up there in ability and knowledge as that of my peers.  Yet I seem incapable of finding someone willing to take that chance on me.  Possibly I am selling myself and my capabilities wrong.

Or I just have it wrong and I need to pull my head in.

I have stated my case, and now I have had a response.  I realise that the recipients do not fully understand what I have laid out in front of them, so I am just going to accept the changes, and wait.  All I can do is the best that I can do in what I have and prove yet again, my worth and value.  I know what it is I can offer, it is up to them to see it.

So here is to pulling my head in, staying positive and just being me.


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