Manifesting my reality

In my sentence a day post, I noted that I manifested my reality for a day and ended up in hospital.  It certainly felt like that on the day.  I get migraines, and not the usual sort, these are pain free but not symptom free.  So I am dizzy and when at their horrendous worst, I suffer blackouts for a few seconds.  This in itself is not a walk in the park but try explaining it to a medical practitioner or registered nurse who just cannot absorb the notion of migraine and no pain.  It just does not compute and therefore one must be posturing …

I got sent to hospital and went through the ordeal of explaining myself to three doctors and at least four nurses.  One nurse who kept saying “but there must be pain” and I kept saying but there is not.  Needless to say the looks were not complimentary from either side.  Then a doctor did some test and my eye did this thing .. this weird jumpy thing and the doctor went “yep can see that it is a neurological migraine” and inside I just went “thank fuck! someone actually believes me!”.

The upshot of that whole paragraph and needless explanation was basically that on that day I ended up thinking that hospital was where I would end up and true as nuts that is where I ended.  While lying in the bed for the innumerable hours while waiting for things to settle, I started thinking about what would happen if I started trying to manifest a more positive reality for myself?  I mean, I had managed to get myself into hospital hadn’t I?

Let me clarify.  Normally with this issue of a migraine, I am told to go and sleep it off.  Most times the GP just thinks I am posturing.  It really is hard to explain a migraine where the biggest symptom is that the world is turning and you are sitting down.  This was the first time someone had actually taken it one step further in 4 years.

So back to this manifesting thing.  If I can think more positively and send those vibes out into the universe surely they will come back to me?  So how do I practically go about that?  With the migraine issue, it was me seeing a new GP and describing all things no matter how silly it seemed to him so that he could assess the situation.  My usual GP had heard the issues and I had stopped telling her about them, with the new GP I told him the information.

Practical ways to manifest my positive vibes, so that they reverberate for me and others:

  • Keep speaking my positive words for 2017 (a separate blog)
  • Read biographies
  • Distance myself from negative people with confidence and no guilt
  • Say thank you more and sorry less
  • Say no more and yes less with no guilt
  • Think less 🙂
  • Meditate (going to try yoga) / Exercise (am doing some walking)

Do you have any practical suggestions?  Or ways that you manifest your positivity that works for you?


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