Ceenoa’s SOD

I love the random challenges I find while reading other blogs. This one literally shouted “I dare you!!!!!” while I was browsing … of course I can’t ignore a dare.

The three suggestions at the top of my reader … flowers, cocktails, yoga

“Valentine’s day, my arse”, she fumed. “Bloody idiot wouldn’t know what romance was unless it bit him in the arse and even then he would be blank!”

If it was truly Valentine’s Day he would have met her at the door, flowers in hand, and would then whisk her off to the latest trendy bar where they could sip cocktails and look splendidly rich and above it all.

Her mind drifted to the bar on the dodgy corner in town. It was expensive but honestly who minded paying those kind of prices for drinks with names like ‘Afternoon Delight’ or ‘Between the Sheets’. Of course a simple martini or even a Pina Colada would still be on point.

The bar was soooo exotic itself. Low lighting, candles and the heady smell of lilies and frangipani. The exotic blooms offset by simple daisies and baby’s breath. Cushions instead of chairs and corners that just lent themselves to kissing and cuddling.

“Your adho mukha svanasana is WRONG, Susan! Pay attention!”

With that, she was whipped out of her trance of trendy bars, cocktails sipped, while looking ever so elegant, and thrust back into the sweaty smelly yoga room!

Susan looked up and caught the movement in the yoga pants right in front of her. Horrified and with nowhere to turn, her illusion of a trendy Valentine was ripped to shreds with the explosion of gas. With a sigh she collapsed on the floor, finally accepting that this Valentine’s she would be sweaty and smell of someone else’s sulphur!

“Maybe next year” and she moved into the lotus position.


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