Ceenoa’s SOD

I love the random challenges I find while reading other blogs. This one literally shouted "I dare you!!!!!" while I was browsing ... of course I can't ignore a dare. The three suggestions at the top of my reader ... flowers, cocktails, yoga "Valentine's day, my arse", she fumed. "Bloody idiot wouldn't know what romance… Continue reading Ceenoa’s SOD


Starting new … again … and again … and again … ∞

Therefore I keep trying to reinvent myself. I keep trying to be more and I move from place to place, from thing to thing and I am never quite satisfied. “If only” are two of the loneliest words on the planet and carry so much regret and unhappiness. I try so hard not to have any regrets – still it seems as though my path is littered with small “if only’s” … little breadcrumbs leading to the witches’ house and the oven.