Alphabet blogging: E

There is this prompt that does the rounds that tells you to blog using the alphabet as your guide. Each letter becomes a blog. I decided that as a challenge, this would be good to get me blogging every day.

E = Energy

Quite simply put, I have none. Woke up exhausted this morning, managed an extended routine within 15 minutes, super dizzy, go to work did some bits and pieces and then the sneezing started and then the coughing. I am home again, and I just have no energy.

Next week will be one of my most intense weeks. I have to do 2 weeks worth of work in 1. I have no idea how I will do that when my 9 hour work day will be bookended by public transport of around 2 hours (one way).

I am done. This cold has come on quickly and it’s fucking with my head. I am dizzy and just want to lie down, but need to complete some items. I may work the weekend to stay on track. Seems easier that way.

Have a good weekend!


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