Alphabet blogging: C

There is this prompt that does the rounds that tells you to blog using the alphabet as your guide. Each letter becomes a blog. I decided that as a challenge, this would be good to get me blogging every day.

C = Concise

One of my favourite activities in school was precis writing. This is the process by which you take a few paragraphs and condense it to 25 words. The ability to cut through all the extraneous and find that which was most important and keep the original intent was a challenge I thrived on.

I have kept up the practice of being concise in my normal life and seldom will you find an excess of words in emails etc. This is not a good thing. I often forget that even though what I say makes sense, there is little context for others.

Naturally this just creates issues when I am verbalising things. In my head I have all the background, all the context but what comes out is not clear. I end up losing the import of what I need to say and come off sounding like I don’t know what I am talking about or a total idiot.

The verbalisation gets worse when it is personal stuff. Then I just sound like I am jealous or ornery. I do not know how to work around that, and there are times when writing fails me too.

Today is wild, cold and wet weather outdoors. I am staying in, and hopefully I can straighten out my head after a night of very bad communication.


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