Technology – love it? hate it?

We are inundated with technology in every single facet of our lives.  From the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep and even then, we have some form of technology at work.  The whole idea of the machines taking over is not that far-fetched.  They may not be totally prescient, but there is certainly an establishment there.

I am by no means denigrating technology.  It is important because it helps in many ways for day-to-day tasks and the speeding up of manual items.  It makes things a little quicker.  Yet in the same breath it makes labour superfluous in certain areas.  There is no need to hire a clerk if you can automate certain tasks …

I know that without my technology I wouldn’t be able to further my studies  – I can’t not work.  So technology provides the key to be able to access study materials long distance while still be at my work during the day.  These are studies that I can’t do part-time either – it’s either full-time study or long-distance.  There is no inbetween.  Yet on the other hand, I am now busier than before and my work load has increased exponentially.

Yes choices …

There are a multitude of charger cables and adaptors in the house – each one is different for each piece of technology.  The one make is not compatible with another, and one cable charges faster than another.  Nothing is really universal. Then its remembering that you have to keep everything charged or else it won’t work.  Doesn’t matter what you do – if the battery is dead so is the tech … and how many times has that caught you out?!?  Be honest!

I’m 40-something as I’ve said somewhere before and I remember a time when the phone was attached to a plug point in the wall.  That was it.  You were either by the phone or not.  Books were on the shelf or in the library.  Exercise was measured by how long you had been out the door and whether or not you had raised a sweat.  Work was done manually and it took time and you were paid accordingly and you did one job.

Now with technology our phones never leave our sides, books can be accessed on almost any device we have in our pockets, exercise is also measured on said devices and we are held to universal standards that don’t take our uniqueness into account and work, well work is automated and you do more than one job or else you are not really employable.

Cynical?  Possibly.

Technology is important.  It is important in the fields of medicine, science, engineering and all those that help us find cures for disease, fly to the moon or build great buildings.  I just think we’ve let it overrun our day-to-day lives to the point where it’s become an addiction.

Oh and can anyone say irony?  I mean here I am spouting on about technology while I write on a blog, on the internet using my laptop and accessing the internet …

It’s food for thought anyway.


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