I stumbled across this:

“Every relationship will get “boring” after you’ve been together for years. Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a commitment to love every day, physically and emotionally. It’s difficult, it’s not always laughs, smiles and fun. People tend to quit when it stops being fun, and they go look for someone else because the “spark is gone”. No, that is not how it works. You want somebody to never give up on you, and love you unconditionally then do the same. Be the change. This isn’t Hollywood, this isn’t the movies. This shit is real. Love someone when you don’t want to, when they aren’t the easiest to deal with, when they’re hard to love. That’s the realist shit there is.” ~ [The Minds Journal]

So I am taking licence and making this a “Wordful Wednesday”.

I have waxed lyrical about my relationship often across posts in this blog. I try and remain as open and honest as I can be, if not only for the health of the relationship, then for my mental sanity (what there is of it).

The last couple of weeks have been extraordinary in all the relationships I have, but predominantly with R. I have taken a more active role in seeking out that which makes me happy, and then doing it instead of just waiting for it to happen. This has created a space for R to be more affectionate and attentive. It has also created a space inside me to be more attentive.

Yesterday was a milestone for us, and we got to do something I had been dreaming of for a while. Today I am grateful for the man who shares his life with me, for his patience and his understanding. I am grateful for his ability to love me when I can’t love myself or I am hard to love (and yes that happens more than it should). He loves me unconditionally and shows me in those ways that blow my mind.

I return this. We have had times where he is hard to deal with, is not easy to love and I have not wanted him there. More times than I care to admit. Yet still we find ways to hang on, to grow and to support each other.

It is real shit and it takes hard work.


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