A little of me

I thought I would share a little of me.  I share a lot of my mental state here and I do so openly and without fear, but there is more to me than that woman.  I have many facets and as such I should enjoy each of them.  Often we only show that which hurts or confuses us, and it skews the perception that others have of us.


This is my current project.  I am crocheting roses that I will glue onto the board and it will be a house warming gift for a friend I haven’t seen in a while.  I mentioned in a previous post that I had taught myself to crochet and this is the result.  I am happy so far with what I have produced, the pink roses may go to be replaced with red ones, but we’ll see.

I love to be creative and I will seldom be sitting still doing nothing – well my hands won’t be idle.  Creativity is different for everyone but it is the process of being creative that is important, I think.  I know that when I am in that zone of making something that I am most able to work through issues and problems.  My hands may be busy but my mind is somewhere else entirely.

Another hobby of mine is scrapbooking.  I love the process of taking my photographs (another hobby) and making pages of memories.  The flow of one process to the next is rewarding and fulfilling.  The ability to place all my images down and create a collage and then add words or embellishments gives me a thrill and 80% of the time I am able to sort out an issue in the process.

I did the above project a little while ago now.  I haven’t done all the journalling around it – but the photo’s were taken at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival which is held in Melbourne.  It is a gorgeous display of tulips and other flowers and something I try and attend every 3rd year or so.

When taking photo’s I stick to the adage that it is the photographer who must photograph that which he/she finds interesting or beautiful or even ugly.  It is easy to photograph that which will be commercially acceptable but ultimately it will be less rewarding.  It is finding beauty or pleasure in what attracts your eye in that moment, for you are capturing a moment that is unique and will never be repeated again.


This is a side of me very few people get to see.  I share bits and pieces here and there, but seldom do folk actually connect the dots.  How do you express your creativity and does it help you work through your rough spots?


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