The Lovers

This is not my usual fare, but has been running around my head a lot – and by that I mean I can’t stop the dream, so better to give it a voice. By far not perfect and I will revisit over the coming weeks.
It is a little NSFW 😉

Open your eyes. Yeah, such beautiful eyes. So full of emotion. But look, look at us. We complement each other – you with your alabaster beauty, me with my olive skin. Perfection.

Their eyes met in the full-length mirror. One tear slid down a cheek and within the eyes there a slight incomprehension and fear. I smell you and the face came so close to skin. I can almost taste your essence. A tongue reached out and ran ever so slowly across that cheek with that one tear. Oh that is delicious. Arousal and fear. Such a heady mix, don’t you think? The air moved and caused goosebumps to rise on exposed flesh. A sigh followed and then the whisper soft touch of fingers on skin.

I said to open your eyes. I want you to watch, to feel, to see how I will take you and you in turn will take me. Don’t be scared. You will feed me and I will give you complete satiation. The tears flowed a little more freely splashing down onto torso and belly. The fingers moving with more purpose now as they explored and probed. Tender spots identified and exploited. Look at your nipples. So hard. Begging to be touched. Soon. I promise. Spread your legs, make yourself comfortable. Yes, look at me. Feel me. I am aroused too. The voice next to the ear, spilling secrets and whispering. That smell. Yes you know what I mean. That heady, musky smell of arousal. I want to devour you. It is so intoxicating. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The tearful eyes were suddenly alone in the mirror. Silence became pressing and still they felt watched and measured. A blink and the confident eyes were back. Those confident eyes with the hint of terror. Another blink. Clear water from the eyes, it was time to focus, maybe then… Ah, you are rallying. Good, it’s always so much better when there is two of us. Your alabaster skin is so beautiful. Silky, soft, clear of defect and marks. The bodies aligned and eyes met in that mirror. Watch as I make you more beautiful. Feel my passion for you.

Fingers brushing whisper soft against skin, then a sting of sorts. Eyes widening in fear as all came to light. Ah yes. Beautiful. Keep watching my love. Purpose now in every stroke, every probe. Rivulets pouring over that beautiful alabaster skin. A face pressed to flesh tasting the essence. Tasting the fear. Tasting the arousal. You are beautiful. Look at what we are creating. Look. Again, eyes meeting. One set begging, the other implacable and lost. I am sorry I had to mute you. Your voice is your one flaw. For this we need perfection. It’s time to bend my beauty. Let’s bring this to its fulfillment. Watch carefully now. Hands that hold tightly onto the hips and the thrusting into dark spaces. Oh so ready aren’t you? I wonder if you will admit as to how much you enjoy this? My untouched beauty who hides that dark side. Let me bring it out. Let it soar!

A head dropping in shame and pain and anguish. A muted growl. I said WATCH! Hands that tear at hair and pull and force. One set of eyes angry and the other blurred with tears. A body bowed in release and the other in fear and pain. You have so disappointed me. Right at the end you gave up. You stopped participating. You stopped. Hands that raise upright again. Hands that wrap around a throat, stroking and squeezing. Such a disappointment. A stroke, a gush and silence envelopes the room.


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