It’s on everyone’s lips

Everytime I switch on the TV, or open the online news or even talk to a person. COVID-19 or Coronavirus. The litany is ceaseless and it has become terrifying.

I am one of the lucky ones. I can work from home. My job allows me to be remote and still get things done. For now the company is stable, and we are able to do business as usual. I have enough food in my house for 2 weeks should I fall ill, and I have access to good healthcare. I am one of the lucky ones.

There are those that are not as lucky. Who have to face the uncertainty of business’ closing. Of part time or casual work dwindling to nothing as events are cancelled country wide. Income is uncertain and how to settle those bills is increasingly becoming a worry.

Our emergency, nursing, police and other services face a daunting task. They are the front line in protecting the average citizen during this really wild time. Police to enforce government protocol so that we can try and alleviate some of the pressure. Emergency and first responders to those homes where domestic violence will be on the increase thanks to close quarters. Our nurses and doctors who risk their lives to care for the sick and dying.

Humans have gone mad. Stockpiling to the extent that we are facing an apocalypse. We aren’t. We are facing a virus that is highly infectious and makes people stay home. It places those at risk, at a higher risk of dying. This is curable in that we can alleviate some of the pressure, but we need to be sensible dammit.

I get annoyed when I can’t buy simple things. I wanted mince the other night. Nothing fancy – just mince and toast. But there is no meat. People have bought everything like we will never have it again. Yes, I am damn sure we will have shortages and possibly even rations. But this has happened before and people survived. Stockpiling will just leave you with wastage.

The constant litany and fear mongering has even me worried about what the next 6 months will hold. Job security, asset security are all high on my list of worries. But it is not just my job security. It is that of my children, my colleagues, friends and family. We are all in this together.

I just wonder why we can’t act that way.


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