It is the little things

It has been a week from hell and there is still time left. 12 hour days, stress over finances, sick daughter, sick R (though he is doing the “I’m dying but I refuse to see a doctor” thing), and general life crap.

The temperature ranges from “hell is cooler than this” to “I wonder if I will see snow and ice in January in the southern hemisphere”. The weather more confused than a chameleon on a smarties box!! Which means that on no given day do I know what is appropriate clothing … do I look like the Michelin Man or attempt the latest in trendy almost there tape bikini’s??

For reference

I digress however, although that was fun to do! It is the day to be thankful, and as such the image below is mine for today. I am thankful that even when I got home from work after 8pm last night, R insisted I have a bath. We had dinner close to 930pm (and hey it’s a school night and 930pm is bedtime baby!!) and he ensured I had a good meal.

That is my foot at a weird angle, but it is the shelf over the bath that is the main item

My shelf over my bath. No more losing items to the water or have to reach over a shoulder and bend things that should never bend for a glass of wine! Now it is all right there and I can prop up my Kindle. It is the little things!!


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