Day 3

I suck at this consistency thing, which admittedly is weird considering I work in finance and HR, both of which require consistency rather important.

I don’t do resolutions as a rule, and this year I thought, what the hell, let’s dream up some. I can tell you that I broke it on Day 1, 2 and now on 3, I broke the one I need the most! It’s fucking day 3 of 2020 and I feel like I have been dragged backwards by a truck moving at a copious pace over rugged terrain that does nothing for my hair or body shape. Bloody annoying!

So here is what I will promise for 2020:

I promise to use the good china, burn those expensive smelly candles, wear that dress, wear that expensive jewellery and you get the idea… I worked hard for it, I bought it and I am going to fucking use it. I will create my own special memories, not wait for them to magically appear.

I am going to be kinder to myself. I will take time out, no matter how much it aggravates me to carve it out. I will soak in that bath, read some more books and craft. I have all the bloody equipment, it is time to use it!

I will eat as much cheese as I can, along with all the other yummy foods. I will be good about my diet, but I am not going to deny myself the odd treat. I am also going to throw the scales away. I am tired of the BMI thingy … I am a woman, not a stick.

I will date more – both R and others. I will step out of my comfort zone and find others to fill some of my gaps. Make more friends and learn some niceties.

I am going to write more and try for some more lighthearted posts. I do create my own drama and that needs to stop. As entertaining as what it may appear to be…

That’s enough for one year. 2019 was so full of challenges and hiccups that I need to be able to step forward. Small wins are my goals for this year.


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