Bring on 2020

I am so done with 2019, I wish tomorrow was a new year! 🙂 A very poor attempt at humour.

It has been a hard year, so many challenges that as I reflect I wonder how I got through it all. But I did, well we did. We’re still here, still going, no matter how beaten we may appear. The scars will be there for a lifetime but they show the strength we had to carry on.

I want to say thank you to you who read my rambling posts. I promise to do better next year and give you different content!

I am going to call out some bloggers:
Richard, I came across your blog by accident and you always make me smile and think a little more.

Monica, your honesty and ability to really reflect on your journey is an inspiration! Keep going!

Claudette – your talent for craft and verse make me want to do more! Much to the chagrin of R! I love your work.

Barb – I love your sense of humour and your book “Life begins when the kids leave home” really helped those empty nest feelings.

Brian – I religiously read every single post and find some nugget of truth (even when abjectly hidden in the furthest corner of that damn attic). You challenge me to be a better blogger and person. Thank you!

2020 is going to be an awesome year. 366 opportunities to make a difference starting right here with me. Be kind, be generous and most of all, be you.

My motto for 2020 is: You live every day, you only die once.


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