5 songs

Stole this idea from here … Instead of doing a comment, I thought I would just run with the blog. The original is a missive from Jessica at “Branches” entitled “Five Things You Should Read/Watch/Listen To If You Want to Understand Me”. (Limit yourself to five books, movies, or songs that define and/or formed you). This edition revolves around music.

I have rather eclectic tastes in music. From heavy metal through to classical and pop and rock in there as well. The 5 songs below have special memories attached, and in each one there is something poignant that you really have to think on. I have not chosen new songs for this blog, preferring instead to pick those that really defined me and have a great insight into who I am.

First off the rank is this one. I have memories of listening to the Beatles from tiny and my mother has an anecdote of how as a baby I was sleeping, my father had the music blaring and when he switched it off, I woke up crying. Then promptly went back to sleep once it was on again!

Next up is another Beatles classic. The words here have led me to live a life that is constantly watching, listening and taking note. Seeing what others refuse to see.

So number 3 on the list, I heard as a young girl in primary school. I cried every single time I heard it, and I had the original vinyl. It speaks to me still.

The next one is for many a very hated piece of music. I make it my Christmas event every two years. It is the complexity of the notes, the ranges of the voices that find resonance. Also, I did this when I belonged to a school choir. Soprano.

Last, and certainly not least, is another piece I did in the school choir. It was hard work learning this piece of music. Again soprano role. It’s the cadence, the complexity and just the emotiveness of this piece.

I can keep going. Music speaks to me not just via the words, but the actual notes themselves. The instruments that pull from you emotion and a reaction, whether you like it or not. This is me with more to be revealed.


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