Alphabet blogging: K

There is this prompt that does the rounds that tells you to blog using the alphabet as your guide. Each letter becomes a blog. I decided that as a challenge, this would be good to get me blogging every day.

K = knickknacks

Knickknacks, dust collectors, mementos – call it what you will, we all have them around our homes. Big, small and somewhere inbetween they litter our homes and offices indiscriminately.

I have done the whole “purge” and brought my life down to a minimum as much as I could. Yet I have hoards of these little paperweights, paintings and loads of magnets and even other small items that carry some meaning. Let me be clear – every single dust catcher has a memory attached.

Some are painful and others are happy and some are bittersweet. I can look at each one and remember with clarity who I was with, what we were doing and why I bought that piece.

If you look at my home, it is not in the least decluttered. Minimalist people would shudder at the number of things that are all over the place. It is my home and it is my safe place. It is the place where I can remember those past and present and find a level of peace.

I would not part with about 5-10 pieces. They are central to my journey and also to my character. The rest would be hard to let go of, but if required I could do that. One of the pieces currently needs to be mounted again, since it fell off the wall. That one piece I hope will be an heirloom piece for my kids. For me? It captures my heart every single time I look at it and it is probably the closest to reflecting my character.

What dust collector would you never part with?


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