Embroidery and nerves

"Piles of red and green", Morana sighed. "Just piles of red and green, what is a woman to do?" The tablecloth was overdue and Himself was complaining of the lack of something crafted by her hand in the dining room. Not that Himself would ever deign to attempt such a feat himself. Hadn't he just… Continue reading Embroidery and nerves

Not hiding

For a long time on here I have kept my name and my photo private. As I write this, I have finally updated those settings. I am proud of my words and stand by them, so my face here should not be an issue. What is going to be funny is that I will get… Continue reading Not hiding

Work and ambition

Does ambition have a place in today's corporate culture? I have been asking myself this question a lot of late. Ambition is not something I lack and if anything, I have it in droves. There is always something more to achieve, another goal, another level. I get bored so easily and without the consistent challenges… Continue reading Work and ambition