Woke culture

I am sure you have heard of this by now, and I am just adding my 2 cents worth. Please note that these are my thoughts and opinions, and do please add your 2 cents in the comments. I'll touch on movies mainly as I haven't quite the words for the other items. The latest… Continue reading Woke culture

Quotes and me

I ran across the image below in one of my super random wanderings. I have been pondering this quote since then, because well, it isn't really true is it? We don't get to be the hero every time. We certainly are not victims (fuck I really loathe that word because then we have to be… Continue reading Quotes and me

We all have a little of the Joker

I have watched Tod Phillips' adaption of the Joker a few times now. To state that Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal is disturbing is rather the understatement. The first time I watched the movie, I was horrified. How graphic, how intense and how evil is this Joker? Phoenix is quoted as saying:“There’s so many different ways of… Continue reading We all have a little of the Joker

It’s that time again

Yeah it's December in all its glory and I am so fucking over it already. I mean we've been celebrating Christmas (Holidays / I don't care what you call it) 2 nano seconds after Halloween (sorry we don't do Thanksgiving Down Under) and if I hear another soppy sappy "white Christmas" song I will scream.… Continue reading It’s that time again

Academia, work and random thoughts

I am studying <big pause> again. I am sure I have mentioned this somewhere before. So my biggest issue with academia is the amount of waffling required for a simple assignment. University: Describe your company, define X role, define the legislative risk / gap / priority and create a business case Me: So you want… Continue reading Academia, work and random thoughts