We stopped being nice

The title is exactly what I mean - we stopped being nice. "We" here referring to humanity as a whole. Every day I log into the news and social media and all I see is another dig at someone. We criticise our leaders for leading and making decisions, we ourselves would never want the responsibility… Continue reading We stopped being nice

Apologies for the break in transmission

I apologise most profusely for the break in transmission. Life in all it's fucking glory happened and I got lost in the bombardment of noise. As I write that sentence, I am still not sure that I am still not lost in the noise. Work has been both a blessing and a curse. I am… Continue reading Apologies for the break in transmission

It’s on everyone’s lips

Everytime I switch on the TV, or open the online news or even talk to a person. COVID-19 or Coronavirus. The litany is ceaseless and it has become terrifying. I am one of the lucky ones. I can work from home. My job allows me to be remote and still get things done. For now… Continue reading It’s on everyone’s lips