Lessons learned

This is a thing we do at work. We have lessons learned sessions after sales wins and losses, implementations and go-lives. We try and learn what we did well and can replicate, and what we did not do so well and change. We don't always learn from the lessons learned exercise, but it is becoming… Continue reading Lessons learned


Unfortunately I have been offline for a while, stalking the pages but unable to write myself. 4 weeks ago I ended up in hospital with severe pain and after some tests discovered that there is a kidney stone. Long story short, first operation is done and the stent in place (along with the wire) and… Continue reading Catch-up

Understand me… but you will probably be more confused!

Stole this idea from here ... Instead of doing a comment, I thought I would just run with the blog. The original is a missive from Jessica at “Branches” entitled “Five Things You Should Read/Watch/Listen To If You Want to Understand Me”. (Limit yourself to five books, movies, or songs that define and/or formed you. This is… Continue reading Understand me… but you will probably be more confused!