It is easy to lose balance when work and life each have demands that take up a lot of time and energy. It takes you to a point where a light push of wind in either direction will mean you fall and fall far. At the moment, my internal resources are pushed to the limit […]

Ceenoa’s SOD

I love the random challenges I find while reading other blogs. This one literally shouted “I dare you!!!!!” while I was browsing … of course I can’t ignore a dare. The three suggestions at the top of my reader … flowers, cocktails, yoga “Valentine’s day, my arse”, she fumed. “Bloody idiot wouldn’t know what romance […]

Mind dump

You ever get to that point where you have so much crap running around in your head, that you have to just dump it? I am writing regularly-ish at the moment, and still my head is full up. I always thought I was good at communication, or at least clear enough about my intentions and […]